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​​The Untold Truth Of Klondike's Choco Taco
In 1983, family-owned ice cream company Jack & Jill began distributing the Choco Taco to wholesalers, and they were eventually bought out by Good Humor, owned by Unilever. Jack & Jill adopted Unilever’s Klondike name and began distributing the famous ice cream to fast-food chains like Taco Bell.
Alan Drazen was only 18 years old and still in college when he got his first job in the ice cream business, working as an ice cream truck driver for Good Humor. Though he became a manager by 1974, he did not create the Choco Taco until 1983, which was simply an idea that came to him on a random workday.
The Choco Taco is also known for its innovative packaging, which was invented out of a necessity for a better delivery system. The packaging, which was the first of its kind, is made out of metallized polypropylene and is still used today.
The current recipe for the Choco Taco is not the original, as it needed to be changed to match Taco Bell’s reduced-fat and low-calorie offerings at the time — but luckily, the flavor and texture remained. Today, Choco Tacos are so recognizable that there's no chance Good Humor will be messing with the recipe.
The Choco Taco was so popular in the U.S. that it was brought to Europe as well, under the name Winner Taco. As shown in a 1998 commercial, the Winner Taco was nearly identical to the Choco Taco, except the ice cream flavor was caramel and vanilla instead of fudge and vanilla.