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The Untold Truth Of Medieval Times
Developed In Spain
Before opening the first U.S. location in 1983, Spanish restaurateur Jose Montaner opened his first medieval-themed dinner theater Medieval Times on the island of Majorca in the 1960s. The show's storyline is based on Spain in the Middle Ages, but portrayals of that historical period are very Eurocentric.
First U.S. Castle In 1983
Medieval Times opened in the U.S. with its first castle in 1983 in Kissimmee, Florida. The location was a mere 20 minutes away from the Walt Disney World in Orlando, established with the aim to pick off the Disney tourists.
Based On A Real Family
The Medieval Times founder, Jose Montaner, was uncle to the Count of Perelada — a Spanish nobleman with a family history tracing back to the 11th century. Montaner created a reasonable representation of medieval Spain combining ancestral history and general research.
Combat Is Scripted
Not unlike the scripted nature of professional wrestling, the knights at Medieval Times are just athletic actors performing highly choreographed and rehearsed routines. The show is intricately planned and practiced to minimize any potential risks.
First Queen Crowned In 2018
Medieval Times broke free of regressive patriarchal patterns and finally crowned a queen to lead its royal court for the first time in 2018. The company recognized the importance of elevating a female character to lead the show.