Carlo's bakery from the outside


The Untold Truth Of Pastry Professional Ralph Attanasia
Culinary School
Ralph Attanasia is a professionally trained artist educated at the DuCret School of Art and the Tom Savini Special Makeup Effect Program.
Before his baking career, he worked as a barker for a traveling sideshow, where he learned skills like fire breathing.
Buddy Valastro doubted Attanasia's suitability for the sculptor role at Carlo's Bakery when he first met him, but he quickly proved himself.
He made a dinosaur cake topper, which impressed Valastro. Surprised by his talent, he gave him the job on the spot and said Attanasia would be an integral part of the team.
When not designing cakes, Attanasia indulges in live-action role-playing (LARP) as a member of Knight Realms, showcasing his talent for character acting in medieval fantasy worlds.
Valastro wasted no time poking fun at Attanasia for his nerdy hobby, but, per TLC, once Attanasia showed him how to shoot a bow and arrow properly, he ended up having a lot of fun.