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The Upgraded Taco Bell Nacho BellGrande Order That Has Reddit Drooling
Innovative Taco Bell fans often take to social media to share their creative custom-made orders, inspiring others to try them out, too. The Taco Bell subreddit page is one of the places where you can find these special orders, including this one to upgrade Nachos BellGrande.
Nachos BellGrande is usually made with nachos covered in beef, sour cream, tomatoes, beans, and nacho cheese sauce. However, a member of the Taco Bell subreddit shared their version of the item — they ask for no sour cream or tomatoes, and add rice and the three cheese blend.
The upgrade sparked a serious conversation in the forum, with members either offering thanks to the inventor for sharing the idea, or giving their own suggestions to take the order up another notch — like adding jalapeños for a kick, or omitting the beans to make the chips less soggy.