Exterior of a Costco wholesale store


The Way To Make Costco Member Fees Worth The Cost
While many people think they’re saving money at Costco, they may be losing out on savings by not shopping smartly. There are a few ways to get the most out of a Costco membership.
They offer a $60 (basic) and $120 (executive) membership per year, and while the latter costs more, you do get 2% back on your purchases. Maximize the membership by going often.
If you don’t have a big family to feed, you probably don’t need to buy in bulk. However, those who go through food quickly will benefit as they’ll save money and have more food.
Avoid impulse buying and ask yourself if you’d use all the product before it spoils, and if the answer is no, you should buy it at a different store.
It’s beneficial to know what items are worth buying at Costco. Compare your groceries versus the competition to find the best deal, and make a shopping list beforehand.