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The Worst Day Of The Week To Shop At Grocery Stores
Dedicated shoppers likely know that some days are better to go on a grocery excursion than others and that these days may differ between stores. Although each store has its optimal and less-than-ideal periods for shopping, there is a bit of a generalization across the board based on customer habits.
For many, Sunday is the most pragmatic time for shopping simply due to having the weekend off or needing snacks for an evening sporting event on TV, with noon being a particularly hectic time to shop. This practical day for shopping could mean that items are low stock and the lines to check out will be long.
Scheduling your shopping during the week could help reduce your time spent at the grocery stores, especially if you plan an early morning or late evening trip. Another solution could be to buy groceries online as you can avoid going into the store and occasionally receive better value for your money.