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There May Be Some New M&M's On The Way This Winter
Over the years, we've seen plenty of M&M flavor variations such as White Cheesecake, Orange Vanilla Cream, and White Chocolate Snowballs. Some flavors come and go and some stick around, especially this flavor, whose fans even created a petition to get the flavor back.
Featuring milk and dark chocolate M&Ms with an espresso-flavored center, the very thought of this seasonal MM's flavor may be enough to excite you. The packaging was revealed on Instagram with the caption, "New Espresso M&M's are expected to launch for the winter holiday season!"
The post has since received over 8,000 likes, with many interactions expressing excitement like, "I am so here for this!" and "Take my money!" Based on the packaging images, we should expect to see these Espresso M&Ms before Christmas.