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There's A Reason Aldi's Meat Is So Cheap, And Here It Is
Aldi generally keeps things on the small side, be it the number of staff they employ or the products they keep in stock. The reason why meat at Aldi is cheap is because the company cuts down on their expenses in several ways, so they can afford to price most of their products — including meat — inexpensively.
Aldi's small amount of stock reduces food waste, and stores keep a limited number of employees on payroll, which saves even more money. Aldi also buys its meat from regional farms, eliminating travel and import expenses, and the company opts to sell lesser-known, less expensive brands like Appleton Farms.
Aldi also has no in-store butchers, which may mean that the meat won’t be trimmed to your exact specifications, but the products will be cheaper. Supermarket butchers can be paid around $30,000 a year, and if Aldi doesn't have to pay these salaries, the company can pass those savings on to the customer.
Despite the limited choices and often-suspicious prices, many customers have praised Aldi’s meat selection. “I was really surprised at how ultra fresh the meat items appeared,” one shopper commented on Chowhound message boards, and a few Redditors compared the taste of Aldi's meat products to those found at Wegmans.