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This Down Home With The Neelys Recipe Stands Above The Rest

Pat and Gina Neely wowed fans with intense, flavorful recipes on their Food Network show, "Down Home with the Neelys.” Although no longer on air, some of the Neelys' recipes are unforgettable, and one in particular has been dubbed a favorite among home chefs and barbecue masters.

The Neelys’ Apple Injected Smoked Pork recipe is so unique that it requires a syringe to inject an apple cider marinade into a six-to-eight-pound pork butt. A dry rub is used to season the meat, and the dish comes together over six hours inside a smoker filled with applewood chips.

The recipe earned rave reviews on the Food Network website, with one reviewer saying, “Pork usually tends to be tough, but this marinade was awesome.” The result, viewers say, is pork that's so tender it falls apart, along with an unmatched sweet, smoky flavor.

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