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This Incredible Frozen Pizza Section Has Twitter In Pieces
If you’re short on time when making a meal, frozen pizzas are an easy, delicious, and convenient solution. There are countless brands and varieties of frozen pizza to buy, but there is one grocery store in Wisconsin that has thousands of frozen pizzas to choose from.
A video recently posted on Twitter shows hefty stacks of frozen pizzas throughout seemingly endless frozen aisles and chest freezers. The outrageous amounts of pizza in the section had many users cracking jokes, like @ErieGreenDeep, who wrote, “Grocery stores in Wisconsin are museums.”
As it turns out, frozen food aisles this huge aren’t the norm of grocery stores in Wisconsin. According to @dstewart414, the video just happened to be filmed at a Woodman’s Market — which are “double the size and selection of any normal store,” making them “absolute heaven on Earth of grocery stores.”