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This Is How The Airheads White Mystery Flavor Is Actually Made

Airheads are long, flat, brightly colored strips of taffy-like candy that come in various fruit flavors, and the most popular of them is the White Mystery flavor. Kids and adults are excited about this flavor, but what makes this flavor different?

In 1993, then Assistant Brand Manager Matthew Fenton received a letter from a teenager suggesting a "white bar with a mystery flavor," which Fenton describes as a "genius idea." Airheads introduced this White Mystery flavor that summer and became so popular that Taco Bell even turned it into their popular slushie, the Freeze.

To make this sweet, colorless candy, the company takes leftover flavors and mixes them to get a "mystery" flavor rather than throw them out. The resulting flavor entirely relies on what flavors they previously made but couldn't use to make a complete batch.