NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JUNE 22: Kim Kardashian departs her hotel on June 22, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Gotham/GC Images)

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This Is Kim Kardashian's Go-To McDonald's Order
Kim Kardashian utilizes the McDonald's drive-thru just like us and as per a 2020 McDonald's Super Bowl commercial, she orders six-piece chicken nuggets, honey dipping sauce, a cheeseburger, small fries, apple pie, and a vanilla shake — the total price of which is $18.34. Finding out about her order, fans were clearly taken aback by her unusual choice of sauce.
When one shocked fan tweeted, "You mean honey mustard right Kim? ... please tell me its [sic] Honey Mustard," Kardashian set the record straight, replying, "HATE HONEY MUSTARD." While her tweets ignited a debate over whether honey was indeed a superior dipping sauce, several users thanked Kardashian for singing the praises of this controversial condiment.
Kardashian also noted that even though she orders a lot, she does not eat every last bite. If she orders just chicken nuggets she'll gladly eat them all, but if she orders nuggets and a cheeseburger, she'll only eat half of each.