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This Is The Best Hotel Breakfast In The US, According To Tripadvisor
While you have to pay for your breakfast at some hotels, some hotel chains offer a cost-included breakfast — but is there a hotel breakfast that offers both convenience and good taste? According to TripAdvisor data gathered by Travel + Leisure, Americans don't have to travel outside the country to sample this hotel breakfast, which is considered one of the best.
Located in the French Quarter, the New Orleans hotel called Hotel Mazarin reportedly offers the very best hotel breakfast in the U.S. According to Oyster, the hotel serves a breakfast that includes a selection of eggs, bacon, and fruit. Fodor’s, on the other hand, reveals that the “sweeping breakfast buffet” serves items like pancakes, waffles, and cups of fruit as well.
You can enjoy the deliciousness of the Hotel Mazarin's breakfast on a balcony overlooking Bourbon Street. Although breakfast is the only real dining option the hotel provides, there's an impressive selection of other bars and restaurants nearby — so consider staying at the Hotel Mazarin if you’re ever in New Orleans and see if the breakfast is as good as people claim.