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This Is The Busiest Day Of The Year At Cracker Barrel
In a 2018 press release, Cracker Barrel disclosed that Thanksgiving Day is the busiest day of the year for business. It was estimated that Cracker Barrel baked over one million pies that year and served a whopping 650,000 pounds of turkey for the traditional holiday meal. It also informed of some appetizing details on the types of Thanksgiving meals guests could indulge in.
Their Thanksgiving meal options are fully prepared and can be heated and served at home in under two hours. Simply give 24-hour notice for your order and choose between the smaller Family Dinner or the Feast, which provides for a large group of 8-10. For a meal that requires no effort on your part, you can pick up the "Hot n' Ready" Thanksgiving meal.
This option features holiday classics like turkey with all the trimmings and sweet potato casserole, For dessert, choose any of the assorted pies on the menu to finish your meal on a sweet note. If you're looking to dine in for Thanksgiving Day, make sure you call ahead to reserve your spot.