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This Is Where Nadiya Bakes Was Really Filmed
Chef Nadiya Hussain has authored cookbooks such as “Nadiya's Kitchen,” “Nadiya's British Food Adventure,” and “Nadiya's Bake Me a Story.” She's also worked on other projects such as her TV show, “Nadiya Bakes,” and here’s where it was filmed.
In July 2020, Hussain stayed in Devon with her crew for half a month to finish working on “Nadiya Bakes” in a house, where she prepared delicious biscuits, pastries, cakes, and other goodies. Looking back, Hussain said, “We had no contact with anyone apart from each other for two weeks [...] we were social distancing and everyone had masks on.”
Hussain noted that baking helped her cope with anxiety, and she believes that it can help others find hope in tough times. When asked if baking shows are a good idea given how obesity is a modern-day concern, she said, “Baking brings lots of people joy, especially somebody like me who suffers from mental health issues.”