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This Is Why Costco's Pizza Is So Delicious
Costco’s ability to make good quality pizza comes from its meticulous process and an extravagant amount of toppings — while keeping the pizza at a reasonable price of $1.99 a slice. The process, according to Costco supervisor Kaiwen Zhao, starts with letting the dough rise for 24 to 27 hours.
The dough gets pressed via machine, stretched out, and rolled by the staff to fit the pan, after which another machine, on a spigot, places the perfect amount of sauce. Finally, a staff member finishes it off with the appropriate amount of cheese and toppings.
Although not the crispest, the pizza makes up for it with pounds of toppings. The cheese pie has one-and-a-half pounds of cheese, the pepperoni pie has 60 thin slices of spicy pepperoni, and the combo is a whooping four-and-a-half pounds of veggies and meat. The bottom line is that Costco pizza, in all its greasy, cheesy glory, isn't meant to be diet food — it's just meant to taste good.