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This Mexican Fan Favorite Is Coming Back To Wienerschnitzel
Wienerschnitzel is a hot dog chain founded by former Taco Bell employee, John Galardi, who deliberately chose a menu that wouldn’t compete with Taco Bell. However, things changed when Wienerschnitzel added tamales to its limited-time holiday menu in 2017 — and it seems the Mexican dish is back again.
The chain's popular Chili Cheese Beef Tamales — beef tamales "topped with the chain's signature chili and shredded cheese" — are hitting the menu again for the 2022 holidays, but they won't be available in Texas, New Mexico, or Louisiana. It might seem like an odd choice, but tamales are actually a Christmas staple for Hispanic people.
Wienerschnitzel announced the menu item via an Instagram post, captioned, “"Taste a Masa-Piece. Our flavor-packed Chili Cheese Beef Tamales are back!" Fans in the comment section offered up all the usual emojis and then some, alongside statements of excitement like "Omg yes tamale daddy yes!"