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This Might Be When Chick-Fil-A's Peach Milkshake Returns In 2022

The sweet taste of peaches is excellent for summer milkshakes, but peaches can be unpredictable. In some places, they might be ripe and ready as early as May, but their juicy prime lasts from June to about the end of summer.

Chick-fil-A knows that waiting is always the most challenging part for peach milkshake lovers. In the past years, Chick-fil-A's peachy-keen shakes dropped in mid-to-late June, so it is safe to guess that they will be releasing their limited-time-only peach milkshakes anytime between May 30 to June 27.

Chick-fil-A always has high quality in mind, as Chick-fil-A executive Ben Bolling says that they use “real ingredients when they are in peak season" for their products. For peach milkshake fans, the summertime shake will be worth the wait.