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This Was The Biggest Scandal In Kitchen Nightmares History
Even if you never followed Gordon Ramsay’s “Kitchen Nightamres” religiously, chances are you know about Amy and Samy Bouzaglo. The Season 6 husband-wife duo behind the Arizona-based Amy's Baking Company are pretty well-known because they caused the biggest scandal in the show’s history.
Upon garnering a series of horrible reviews because of their rude behaviour toward customers, the couple sought out Gordon Ramsay to help their business. However, it only led to an exposé of the owners taking the staff’s tips, firing employees, stubbornly defending bad food, verbally abusing customers, and massive meltdowns, until Ramsay walked away for good.
The restaurant got immensely bad PR after the show aired and the couple had to finally sell the business in 2015, but that wasn’t the end of their string of scandals. Both the Bouzaglos had trouble with the law before appearing on the show, and on one occasion, 9-1-1 had to be called during the show’s filming because of an argument between Samy and a man.