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TikTok Hilariously Parodies The Gentrification Of Food
As any foodie knows, eating food from around the world is a great way to gain knowledge and appreciation for other cultures, but when a cuisine's cultural history and general rules aren't respected, appreciation becomes appropriation. In the age of food influencers and social media, this happens often, and TikToker @danielarabalais made a viral parody video about the subject.
In the video, titled “If BIPOC appropriated/gentrified foods like [white] influencers do to cultural foods,” the creator shows their followers a new recipe for “sausage tacos” while holding up a hot dog. She refers to the bun as a “fluffy tortilla,” the mayonnaise as “American crema,” and ketchup as “American salsa tomate,” saying she got all the ingredients at “Trader Jose’s.”
The cheeky video puts the issue of food gentrification, in which a cultural minority's cuisine is misunderstood and adapted or watered down for other tastes with no respect to its origins, into a perspective that cultural majorities — in this case, white Americans — can relate to. As one commenter noted, “it proves such an important point in such a great way.”