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TikTok Is Divided Over A Little Debbie Cake-Making Hack

While Little Debbie snacks come ready-to-eat, the brand's products can be customized to add more flair. Recently, TikTok user @wildflourmama uploaded a video of a cake-making hack that involves stacking Little Debbie Zebra Cakes and covering them with white frosting, chocolate ganache, and sprinkles.

Some viewers were amazed by how gourmet the cake looked, despite using such basic ingredients. "Honestly, for a show cake, genius," said one user, and ​​another pointed out that the miniature layer cake would be great for a single-serving birthday gift.

However, other users were not as impressed, mostly due to their belief that Little Debbie sweets taste “artificial” and that the creation would be “scamming” people who wanted a homemade cake. Clearly, perspectives are divided based on personal preferences for Little Debbie treats.