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TikTok Is Horrified By What A Subway Customer Allegedly Found In Her Sandwich
Customers have found some gross things in their fast food orders over the years, including a bloody bandage from Pizza Hut and a dead mouse in a Subway Italian sandwich. Recently, a Subway customer posted a TikTok alleging that she found something horrifying on her sandwich wrapper.
The TikTok user from Lansing, Michigan, described having a “kinda weird interaction” at Subway and then heading to her car, where she smelled feces. The user noted that the smell persisted as she returned home and bit into her sandwich, adding, “I look in the paper and in between the two wrappers on the sandwich is literal [expletive].”
The user said she was embarrassed by the situation but turned to social media to get Subway’s attention. In a follow-up video, the user said the police and health department had gotten involved, but she has not heard anything from Subway itself. People in the comments not only expressed how gross they found the situation but also showed a concern for the user's health.