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TikTok Is Left Stunned By An Alarming Starbucks Drink Order

Now that the Starbucks mobile app has made it easier to customize drink orders without ever having to look a barista in the eyes, it makes sense that baristas are annoyed by certain drink orders. Some are so eye-popping that even the most seasoned baristas can't help but be shocked.

One Starbucks barista took to TikTok to share a disturbing drink order, stating, "Every day this lady comes here and gets 20 espresso shots with five pumps of classic syrup." At $22.57 per day, this drink is not only expensive, but it also has triple the amount of caffeine that is recommended each day by health experts (creating a risk for seizures).

TikTok commenters' reactions ranged from concerned to comical, with one user quipping, "Y'all might want to start selling cardiac monitors too.” Whether looking at it from a financial or health perspective, there was one comment that seemed to sum things up: "Is she ok?"