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TikTok Is Losing It Over A Barbecue Beer 'Gun'
In a TikTok posted by @koloawear, a beer drinker jams a yellow, lever-looking contraption onto a full, open bottle of Corona. He seals the device tight, grabs the gadget by its handle, flips the beer bottle upside down, and lightly shakes it before spraying beer on his food on the barbecue.
Excited TikTokers were curious about the unique device — which some users recognized from Shark Tank as the “Bubbly Blaster.” Marketed towards champagne drinkers who don't mind wasting a few bottles at lively special occasions, this fancy Super Soaker is available for $99.
The official website says the Bubbly Blaster "even works as a bottle stopper when you're not using it, preserving your champagne to be enjoyed later on." It’s fun to try at parties, at the beach, and is especially useful on the grill — just make sure that you use it responsibly.