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TikToker Confirms That Trader Joe's Employees Could Be Lying To You

The customer and employee relationship at Trader Joe’s is so top-notch that CustomerThink called it an incredible model, and the stores even play a game where kids get lollipops for bringing back hidden stuffed toys. However, per one TikToker, things at Trader Joe’s might not be as they appear.

TikTok user Daniel Bennett posted a short clip of himself talking to someone who’s presumably a Trader Joe’s employee. Bennett asks if the employee ever "flirts" with his customers, meaning, if he charms a customer into buying a certain item, and the employee claims they do.

Many Trader Joe’s fans commented their concerns and disillusionment over this startling revelation. Those who had enjoyed the “flirting” were crushed to discover it was just an upsell. "Trader Joe's…sounds more like traitor joes," said one, while another said, "I'm just going to pretend i never saw this."