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TikTok's Hack For Making Frozen Grapes Is Genius
Freezing grapes make them even more delicious and sweeter, and that’s because the sugar crystallizes and intensifies that sweetness. Now, TikTok has come up with another genius way to enjoy frozen grapes and improve the sweet taste of this fruit.
TikTok user BayBradyy revealed a grape freezing hack on the platform back in June 2021 that you might want to check out as the summer months heat up. She shares that you need to place washed grapes in a Ziploc bag and pour your favorite Jell-O mix flavor into the bag, shake to coat and freeze.
One of the TikToker's fans wrote, "I have done this for years but I use kool-Aid." while another suggested, "Do it with sliced apples!!" Even Twitter was buzzing about the hack, as one user commented, “Made some more Jello frozen grapes! These ones are cherry and taste like cherry popsicles."