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Tony Stark Would Approve Of Walmart's New Fast-Food Partnership
As reported in QSRMagazine.com, Shawarma Press will be expanding into select Texas Walmart locations. Starting with a Georgetown location, their goal is to open "100 Shawarma Press locations inside Walmart stores as well as stand-alone locations," — and these restaurants are focusing on offering various Mediterranean food options within the quick-service industry.
Tony Stark might have gotten the Avengers to fall in love with shawarma, but Shawarma Press hopes to have more people craving Mediterranean food, including shawarma, hummus, falafel, and baklava. While the quick-service restaurant chain believes that its freshly made dishes based on authentic recipes will be the taste that wins over guests, it is the convivial atmosphere that showcases the attention to detail at every turn.
Given the success of the initial location opened in 2017, there seems to be a niche for this cuisine served in a convenient manner. While the Walmart location launch expands the brand's reach to a larger audience, the inclusion of foods beyond the traditional burgers and fries seems to prove that fast-food consumers are open to more than just one flavor profile.