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Tortang Talong: The Unique Filipino Omelet That's Large On The Eggplant
Tortang talong, also called the Filipino eggplant omelet, is a beloved dish in the Philippines. Making it is as simple as broiling eggplant, smashing it, and adding an egg wash.
Although both the skin and seeds of the eggplant are edible, remove them before making tortang talong. Cook the eggplant by grilling it until blackened, boiling, or roasting it.
Whichever cooking method you use, first score the eggplant with a fork. After it's cooked and the skin is stripped away, slice it lengthwise to reveal its white, meaty inner flesh.
You'll want to use a few eggs, especially if the eggplant you're using is massive. When it comes to seasoning, you can stick to salt and pepper, or toss in some fancier spices.
Some variations call for whisking in garlic, yellow onion, oyster sauce, or even chicken powder. For more substance, add potatoes, ground pork or beef, or even seafood.
This dish is best served with a side of garlic fried rice, known in the Philippines as sinangag. You can also dress up the tortang talong with ketchup, soy sauce, or even banana ketchup.
You may be able to get a Filipino eggplant at your local Asian supermarket, but you can find the longer Asian variety at chain grocery stores like Safeway or Kroger.