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Trader Joe's Just Added A New Fruity Ice Cream To Its Lineup

Many food establishments and retailers are already zeroing in on autumn, but Trader Joe's is still putting out summer-appropriate sweets for shoppers who aren't ready for pumpkin spice everything yet. On August 23, 2022, the instagram account @traderjoeslist posted details about a new frozen treat from the grocery chain.

"NEW MANGO CREAM BARS," the account excitedly wrote under a photo of TJ's dessert, adding that they taste "incredible" and contain no artificial mango flavoring. The pops feature creamy vanilla ice cream coated in a layer of fruity mango sorbet, and come six to a pack for $3.49 at @traderjoeslist's store.

TJ's shoppers in the comment sections were also excited about the new find. "Finally!!! Been waiting for something mango for so long," one fan wrote, while others were glad to have a replacement for both the store's discontinued Mango & Cream bars; another shopper on Reddit called the pops "an excellent end of summer treat."