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Trader Joe’s New Seasonal Mochi Is Turning Heads On Instagram
If pumpkin spice rules the flavor of fall, then apple — and the various flavors derived from it — is a close second. From apple cider donuts to apple pie, there is a lot to love about apple-themed fall flavors, and now Trader Joe’s has released a new apple-flavored fall treat in the form of mochi ice cream.
If you haven’t tried it yet, mochi ice cream consists of small balls of ice cream wrapped in soft, chewy rice dough, and Trader Joe’s is known to carry the treat in many flavors. Instagram user @traderjoeslist posted a photo of the store’s new Caramel Apple Mochi, saying “I literally can not wait to sink my teeth into this,” and the sentiment was echoed by followers in the comments.
Over 20,000 people have liked the post, so it’s clear that customers are excited about these. User veggie_at_traderjoes wrote, “I’ve been waiting for these!!! Can’t wait to try them,” and many users have shown excitement for a fall treat that isn’t pumpkin flavored. However, others have been disappointed that the treat is already out of stock at their stores.