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Trader Joe's Shoppers Have Some Seriously Creative Uses For Its Ube Spread
Recently, Trader Joe's Ube products — a type of purple yam native to Southeast Asia — have been turning shoppers' heads. These ube products were an instant hit with fans and now Trader Joe's has another big hit on its hands with the release of their newest Ube product, an Ube spread.
The newest release combines the unique yammy flavor of ube with coconut cream, butter, and cane sugar to create a brightly flavorful topping for toast, sandwiches, etc. Fans took to Instagram to offer their suggestions to prepare the ube spread. “Yogurt — mix in some UBE spread, cookies add in some UBE spread” @traderjoeslist posted on Instagram.
Others added suggestions like "Stuffed French toast ... that's what we did with the cinnamon bun spread" one user recommended, to which an Instagrammer replied, "put it into a cream cheese frosting for a cake or some cookie sandwiches!” Another user said they "need to snag a jar for my macaron fillings." Thus, the spread seems to be met with overwhelming success.