Bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough


Transform Your Cookies Into Sticks For A More Elegant-Looking Treat
To make your holiday cookies look fancier and more unique than a typical circle allows, consider changing their shape by turning them into sticks.
Cookie sticks create the perfect vessel for dipping in tea, dunking in chocolate, or wrapping in a gift basket. The trick to this twist on a classic cookie is quite easy to pull off.
Start by layering your prepared cookie dough with parchment paper and roll it out until flat and thin. For crunchy cookies, use thin dough, and for chewy cookies, leave it thick.
Once flat, cut the dough into strips and bake them on a cookie sheet until they reach your desired texture. For extra personality, twist them into braids before baking.
When it's time to decorate, get creative. Add pastel M&Ms for Halloween, citrus for summer, and crushed candy canes for perfect winter vibes.