Stock photo showing close-up view of a chocolate sponge cake being made.

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Treat Yourself By Adding An Extra Egg
To Boxed
Cake Mix
Though boxed cake mixes are convenient, the flavors and textures can often be a little one-note, making it a giveaway that a box mix was used for your bake and dampening the wow factor of the final version. The good news is that simple additions can change the outcome significantly.
Most standard cake mixes call for three eggs, but to achieve a richer cake, adding a fourth egg makes a big difference. Eggs are an emulsifier, which means they help all the ingredients bind together, and an extra egg allows the cake to hold onto some extra liquid during the baking process, resulting in a moister final product.
In addition, egg yolks introduce fat, so an extra yolk will add more flavor resulting in something much more decadent. But be sure to only add one extra egg, because if too many eggs are used your cake will end up tasting more like custard.