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Twitter Is Bowing Down To A GBBO Bread Week Throwback Favorite
In September 2022, Season 13 of “The Great British Bake Off” aired the Bread Week episode — one of the most stressful weeks, given how critical bread-making expert, judge Paul Hollywood, can be. While enjoying the episode, Twitter remembered a particular throwback favorite of Bread Week.
Cecil the Lion, a bread sculpture created by contestant Paul Jagger in Season 6 Episode 3, is still the fan-favorite, it seems. The elaborate and detailed sculpture was made of three different bread types, and although it didn’t earn Jagger a Hollywood handshake or the star baker title, he received a special commendation for it.
GBBO’s official Twitter retweeted a fan who posted the creation’s photo, writing, “NEVER FORGET.” Commentators appreciated the reminiscence, with one person writing, “I've not seen anything top that yet. Not sure if anyone can to be honest!” — safely marking Cecil as one of the best creations in GBBO history.