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Twitter Is Heartbroken Over A GBBO Contestant's Breakdown
Episode 2 of Season 13 of the “Great British Bake Off” saw contestants flex their creative muscles in GBBO’s biscuit week. While Syabira had a difficult start with her sweet but savory satay macarons, it was Carole’s breakdown during the final challenge that had Twitter heartbroken for her.
When Carole accidentally broke her mask made out of biscuits right after completing it, she was in tears. GBBO posted a photo on Twitter of fellow contestant Maisam hugging a shattered Carole, while a Twitter user shared a photo of Carole, writing, "The nation is crying with you. We LOVE you."
Earlier in the episode, GBBO host and judge Paul Hollywood questioned Carole's use of lard instead of butter in her biscuit dough — "It's going to be quite heavy, so how is that going to be standing up?" However, in a surprising twist, Carol and Syabira both advanced, while Maisam was eliminated.