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Twitter Is Outraged By This Jimmy John's Employee Sign

Jimmy John’s had its fair share of controversies over the years. An incident a few years ago led to a $1.8 million settlement after several employees accused the company of unfair labor practices.

Recently, a photo on Twitter went viral that showed two different signs posted on a Jimmy John’s location. One stated the restaurant was briefly shut down "due to labor shortage," and the other claimed the owners mistreated their employees.

According to the sign, the owners treated their employees like dogs and have never been to the establishment, leaving the employees and managers, many of whom are students, to keep the store running. Some Jimmy John’s employees chimed in online, with one saying that their restaurant doesn’t even allow its employees breaks.

Additionally, employees at a Burger King in Nebraska also posted a sign at the outside marquee stating they all quit due to sweltering temperatures (thanks to a broken air conditioner) and back-to-back late-night and morning shifts. Business Insider has called this trend "rage quitting," where employees leave in angry fits with little notice.

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