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Twitter Is Raising Armies After Red Lobster Slander
Red Lobster is among the most beloved seafood restaurants because people can enjoy an abundance of their favorites without splurging too much. Its fans can be very passionate — something a Twitter user found out the hard way in September 2022, when fans rallied behind the chain and even got Red Lobster trending on the social media platform.
The controversial tweet was by user @anothercohen who stated, “I don't understand how the following restaurant are still in business: Chilis, Applebees, Olive Garden, Red Lobster.” While fans of other restaurants named also come to their defense, the passionate Red Lobster fans got the restaurant trending on Twitter.
A fan answered the OP’s query with, “Red Lobster is the only seafood option in a lot of the non-urban Midwest.” The love for Red Lobster shocked the restaurant’s CEO Kim Lopdrup himself in the past when he learned the restaurant was named one of the favorite casual dining restaurants for millennials in a 2016 Nation's Restaurant News poll.