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Twitter Is Wishing Lay's Fake Fall Flavor Was Real
Lay’s, the popular snacks-chips company under the Frito Lay subsidiary, has garnered a mass following with its unique lineup of flavors. On September 24, 2022, the company took to Twitter to share a picture of a fake Lay’s flavor, and now fans are wishing it was real.
When Lay’s tweeted a picture of apple cider donuts flavored Lay's with the caption, “This fake flavor is a fall moment,” the post got a mixed reaction. While some Twitter users were grossed out, others appreciated the joke and wished the post was real, with one user commenting, “Please make it an actual flavor.”
Lay's shared the same photo on its Instagram page and had Instagrammers going wild as well. While one user exclaimed, “Make them real!” another got fooled and asked, “Is it available at any stores or Amazon?” Although the company has released three new chip flavors for fall 2022, they’re not the apple cider donuts flavor that people want.