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US Cities With The Best Beer


San Diego has over 100 breweries, all dedicated to utilizing sustainable ingredients and progressive flavor combos. From the first mega brewery in 1989 to fostering women in the craft beer scene today, San Diego is one of the top bustling beer cities in the U.S.

San Diego, CA

Apart from Disneyland, Anaheim's vibrant culture also revolves around craft beer, known for its one-of-a-kind innovation. Famed local brews have a fruity palate, while one is a CCBC Gold winner that epitomizes the progressive beer scene in Anaheim.

Anaheim, CA

Home to the original American craft brewery, Anchor Brewing Co., San Francisco hasn't been afraid to experiment with craft beer. The city carries on the tradition of innovation and well-executed brews, with milkshake IPAs, smoky pilsners, and West Coast IPAs.

San Francisco, CA

Portland turned away from corporate brews to micro breweries in 1980, and it continues to be a lively incubator for craft beer trends today. With 70-plus craft breweries and mind-blowing IPAs even at bike stops, there are over 28 taps to explore at any given time.

Portland, OR

Per the New York Times, Seattle had about 70 breweries as of 2021. Near the urban high-rises, people in the city can easily access a booming plot of breweries in an area now known as the Ballard District, lined with 11 craft breweries in a one-mile radius.

Seattle, WA