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Vegans Just Received The Best News From Taco Bell
With its robust vegetarian-friendly menu, Taco Bell has always been a champion in vegan-friendly fast food. Since 2019, the chain has been secretly developing a proprietary beef alternative made from pea and soy protein — and after testing out the original product in Detroit, the option has now been added to the menu at 50 Taco Bell locations in the south.
The alternative, which is strikingly similar to their beef, can be substituted in any menu item for no additional cost. Chief Innovations Officer, Liz Matthews, explained, "It was important not to have an upcharge. As a brand, we want [to] make sure this is craveable — as craveable as our seasoned beef — and to democratize the product. We wanted to make sure this was accessible."
Providing an animal-free alternative just as tasty as its traditional counterpart is one thing, but doing so at no additional cost is what really sets the chain apart. If the beef alternative proves to be successful, it will not only be a huge win for Taco Bell but also for the vegan community as a whole.