Top view of wooden spoon with mayonnaise


Vietnamese-Style Mayo: A Condiment That Levels Up Any Kind Of Sandwich
It’s hard to imagine the bahn mi sandwich without sốt bơ trứng, a Vietnamese mayo that’s commonly shortened to "bơ" by Vietnamese street vendors.
You can make Vietnamese-style mayo at home with only three ingredients: eggs, oil, and some spice. Separate 2 egg yolks from the whites and mix the yolks by hand or in a blender.
Some recipes include salt and sugar to make it sweeter, but it’s not necessary. It doesn’t typically contain vinegar, but you can add rice vinegar or fish sauce for umami undertones.
Feel free to add sriracha for some spice, or swap the vinegar for lime juice to add back some acidity. Besides the egg yolks, slowly mix in vegetable oil little by little.
As it thickens, add a ½ teaspoon of onion or garlic powder. In the end, you’ll get a yellow mayo with a buttery consistency that will elevate your favorite sandwiches.