A Viking cruise on the open sea.


Viking Offers The Bougiest Cruise Food
We can all agree that all-you-can-eat dining is one of the many perks of vacationing on a cruise, and Viking is the cruise line to go to for the best culinary experience.
A ticket for a Viking cruise includes all restaurant meals as well as snacks and drinks from an in-suite mini-bar. The dining options span the globe from Italian to sushi.
The ships also feature certain Scandinavian specialties, including the Danish pastry known as kringle and the open-faced sandwiches called smørbrød.
Some of the upscale eats on a Viking cruise may come from the Italian-themed Manfredi's restaurant, with dishes such as octopus carpaccio and Nutella panna cotta.
There's also a restaurant that goes by the generic name of The Restaurant. The menu includes dishes like berries with mascarpone, cassoulet, and burrata-mushroom risotto.
The nicest dining option is called The Kitchen Table. Guests go with a chef as they shop at a market in one of the ship's ports, then watch and maybe even help with the meal prep.
For the most part, Redditors who've sailed with Viking appear to be big fans of its food, with one even calling it "phenomenal," and praising the key lime pie as the best ever.