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Walmart Customers Are In Shambles Over $27 Eggs
Over the past year, inflation has driven the cost of everyday goods higher and higher, but almost no other item has seen as drastic of a price jump as eggs. Exacerbated by an avian flu outbreak, the cost of a dozen eggs increased from about $1.22 in 2019 to $3.12 in 2022, but even that doesn’t hold a candle to the $27 price tag on eggs at Walmart.
Reddit collectively cracked when one user posted a picture of a box of five dozen eggs at Walmart with a $27.02 price tag. According to that same user, they could “remember buying [the same box] for $6 a couple of years ago,” and while many other users were stunned by the price, some cracked jokes like “the chickens unionized.”
When one user questioned if the eggs were selling, a Walmart employee replied, “We can’t keep our egg shelf stocked most days at our store, so they’re definitely selling well.” While $27 may seem outlandish, that boils down to about $5.40 per dozen, above the $3.30 national average but well below California’s average of $7.37.