Fried chicken at a hot deli bar


Walmart's Deli Hot Bar Gives Fast Food Spots A Run For Their Money
With fast food prices inflating, Walmart's deli hot bar is a tasty, budget-friendly alternative that has been gaining attention amongst TikTok users.
A video by TikTok user @samantha420gonzalez showed Walmart’s eight-piece wing meal with potato wedges and mac and cheese for $5.97 to confirm she wasn’t kidding about the deal.
KFC charges around $9 for an eight-piece chicken wing combo meal, and Popeyes offers a six-piece chicken wing combo meal for more than $10.
TikTok user @lukefoods showcased a variety of options in a video, including a tray of corn, macaroni, and cheese. The meal is summed up as “cheap, but it tastes good.”