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Walmart's New 'Trial Store' Is Turning Heads On TikTok

Even though Walmart is one of America’s highest-grossing retail chains, the company rebranded itself recently and opened its first “trial” store in Springdale, Arkansas. As customers visited the latest concept store, TikTok user sydneyratcliff_8 posted a video of what it’s really like.

In the video, sydneyratcliff_8 showed how clean the new store looked, with name brand products like GAP and Reebok visibly displayed, and screens on the refrigeration section showing available products. Seeing the video, users on TikTok had a lot to say.

While one viewer called the “trial” store “a combination of Target, Old Navy, and IKEA,” another couldn’t help but exclaim that it was the “cleanest/nicest Walmart [they had] EVER seen.” As of now, however, it’s unclear when Walmart will undergo any wide-scale renovations across the country.

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