Robot holding a burger.

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We Asked ChatGPT Which Fast Food Restaurant Has The Best Burger And Here’s What It Said
OpenAI's artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT can do anything from responding to questions to generating research papers to writing songs or poems. The chatbot is currently free to use through its online webpage, so we decided to test it out by asking ChatGPT which fast food restaurant has the best burger.
The chatbot first clarified that, as an AI language model, it doesn't have "personal preferences or opinions." It then droned on with some broad statements about how the "best burger is subjective and can vary based on individual tastes and preferences," but its answer was in no way exceptional or profound.
Lastly, the chatbot went on to cite some examples of fast food chains known for their burgers, such as McDonald's, Wendy's, and In-N-Out Burger. After all, ChatGPT may crank out poems about hamburgers that reflect different literary movements and authorial styles, but it ultimately doesn’t have taste buds.