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We Finally Know What Really Happened To Trader Joe's Dark Russet Chips
When dark russet potato chips first arrived at Trader Joe's in 2019, customers couldn’t stop gushing over the snack on Reddit. However, fans were shocked when a Redditor posted a photo in May 2022 showing the popular chips on the shelf with an “endangered item” sign on it.
In early July 2022, a Trader Joe’s employee confirmed the news on Reddit with a screenshot showing the chips marked as “to be discontinued.” A few days after, though, another employee announced on Reddit that the chips were coming back because the store had found a new supplier.
Going by the comments on social media, several customers were elated to know that the extra-crunchy chips weren’t going to completely vanish from Trader Joe’s. One Reddit user wrote, “You've brought a smile to my face!” while another said, “You have no idea the joy you've brought me.”