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We Finally Know When GBBO Will Air Following Queen Elizabeth's Death
Season 13 of the beloved baking competition, “The Great British Bake Off,” was slated to air on Channel 4, on September 13, 2022, but the season’s premiere was in question following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Many changes have occurred to TV channels during this mourning period, and TV shows with comedic elements have been removed from the schedule.
Even though BBC and ITV made drastic changes to their schedules, Channel 4 has other plans. The people over at Channel 4 say that they've made "significant changes" to their schedule, including "extended news coverage" — but the spokesperson for Channel 4 also said that they "offer viewers an alternative" during critical times such as this.
Channel 4 revealed that the first episode of "GBBO" Season 13 will not be postponed and will air as initially planned, on September 13, 2022. The new season will apparently be harder than the ones before, and a new Mexican-themed week on the show is upon us — so it's time to get respectfully excited about the new season of "GBBO."