Exterior of Little Caesars pizza restaurant location in Morton Grove, Illinois.

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We Finally Know Why Little Caesars Stopped Saying 'Pizza! Pizza!'
Little Caesars' "Pizza! Pizza" slogan vanished from advertising for more than a decade in the late '90s, leaving some fans to wonder why. The chain launched the catch phrase in 1979 to promote the “two great pizzas, one low price” campaign, but despite its success, they dropped the slogan, which ended up being a big mistake.
The chain's decision to end its partnership with the ad agency that helped boost the "Pizza! Pizza!" slogan in 1998 contributed to a huge decline in sales. Little Caesar’s hired a new agency that drastically cut advertising expenses, but it hurt the chain by dumping the two-for-one pizza deal and popular "Pizza! Pizza!" tagline.
Realizing the new agency was hurting the chain, Little Caesars dropped it, and increased its advertising expenses from $3 million to $22.4 million over a 10-year period. In 2012, the chain resurrected the "Pizza! Pizza!" tagline, acknowledging it as a powerful symbol of Little Caesars, not just a promotion.