Bucharest, Romania - October 4, 2013: Pizza Hut delivery boxes.

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We Finally Know Why Pizza Hut's Red Roofs Vanished
When it comes to restaurants, change is inevitable, and if you're old enough, you may remember the time when every Pizza Hut you saw had the same red exterior walls and red, hut-shaped roof. Over time, however, the chain evolved by changing its architecture and ordering options to accommodate a specific shift in the restaurant industry.
Pizza Hut's roomy dining areas and amenities slowly became replaced when the chain introduced delivery and carryout options, as well as Express locations at places like mall food courts and gas stations. Today, you can order a pizza and get it in five minutes at a drive-thru establishment or walk-up counter, sans red roof.
According to CNN Business, the change was due to the fact that the growing popularity of fast food restaurants — and the simplicity that came with them — reduced the need for elaborate dining spaces. The drive-thru experience has largely replaced the dine-in experience at many locations, which has fueled the decision to eliminate Pizza Hut’s large red-roof architecture.